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David Bolas Photo's

6th - CF0001 - E-10 pics

7th - CF0003 - E-10 pics
7th - CF0002 - E-100 pics
7th - CF0004 - E-100 pics
7th - SM0002 - E-100 pics
all below are E-100

8th - CF0005

Easter Friday - Three Cities
9th - CF0007
9th - CF0008
9th - CF0009
9th - CF0011
with start of Parade...
9th - CF0010
Easter Parade
9th - CF0012
9th - CF0013
9th - SM0003

Hagar Qim/Mnajdra
10th - CF0014
10th - SM0004

Around Paceville
11th - CF0015

Hypogeum Morning
12th - CF0018
Valletta study area
12th - CF0019

12th - CF0020

Valletta study area
14th - CF0021
14th - CF0022
14th - CF0023

15th - CF0024

Sam church/Three Villages
16th - CF0025
16th - CF0026
16th - CF0027
16th - CF0028

Health and Safety
18th - CF0034
19th - CF0035

Malta 2004

The vast majority of these pictures were taken at 3 exposures.... however to help preserve the sanity of those looking through the pictures (if not mine) I have deleted the duplicates from these files. So if you find a picture here that you want to use, but the exposure is not good (too bright/dark) just ask and I will find the alternates and you can choose the best... as you may imagine there hasn't been time for me to compare every picture for the best exposure... but the originals still exist (for the moment).
Otherwise, good people, just right click on the thumbnail and "Save Target As" or click on the thumbnail to see the big version, and download that.... any questions, you know where I live...
Trigger Happy Tracey.

The pictures from the E-100 (ie all but the first day and a bit) are one day out for the date so the 10th will have pictures dated the 11th etc.

Also some of these images will become available as big stitched landscapes.... for example, click the banner above.... that's it, the title bar that says 'MALTA EASTER 2004' I'll put link to those too.... see a couple more below.
Hajar Qim Hajar Qim Hajar Qim

Oh yeah... clicking on the cute little cement mixer, top left,will get you back to this page.

David's Pictures now have their own space, and we now have his pictures from 2005

current picture count uh... oh about 3,500, give or take a couple, and another 1,200ish courtesy DPB

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