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below are thumbnails leading to higher res. .gifs which have been scanned and processed up to leaner meaner and cleaner copies than the original scans.....
Now these were pretty grundgy from sitting in a box with the glue on the back going all icky for over 20 years..... These are from a sheet of stickers given away free by our Unigate Milkman, yes the (very much full fat) milk was delivered in industrial strength bottles to our door every morning (bar Sunday). Actually the milk was pretty much industrial strength too, with the options of full fat (gold top) or silver top for semi-skimmed!

I'm currently looking into what the mysterious green top was... whether it was an early fully-skimmed option or (sharp intake of breath) an unpasturised option... either way it was not known in our household.- UPDATE!, indeed, green milk was fully skimmed, and also...
"To fill in a blank, blue striped capped milk was for passover (a jewish festival) and had been blessed by a Rabbi at the bottling plant. No joke, i used to deliver the stuff as a kid in Golders Green, London."

It looks like there were two other, long since used, stickers on the sheet.
Heaven's to Betsy there are still some of the original T-shirts out there, seen here for the first time in 35 years... modelled by the original owners children, thanks Humphrey!!!!
Mathew sent this in "It’s a badge which were all the rage at school for about 24 hours."
Looks to me like a home made job (and nothing wrong with that) - or if I recall you could send your paper artwork discs, of appropriate size to a mail order firm that would take your Postal Order and return the art in badge form - proper job!!
Image 1
The sheet...
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Click on me quick... Humphries are Slick!

...and here is the back of the sheet the stickers came on - a bit grundgier still, with gunk off another sheet of stickers stuffed in the same box (I wasn't anticipating quite so many decades to pass before I looked at these again!).
on the left are rather larger .jpgs, pretty much as scanned...
on the right are the cleaned up .gif files

Image 6.jpg (58K)

Image 6.gif (21K)
I have recently been alerted to the existence of a WAV file of the Humphreys march, thank you so much Ms Jacobs, and yes 1975 for the campaign does seem about right!
The March of the Humphreys

original screengrab was found on TV Cream
Some very fine original Humphrey advert video clips (RAM files) have come to light - thank you Mark Cox for the heads up on these:-
Humphrey's March
Rod Hull and Emu with Humphrey's Flavoured Straws
Humphrey's are back with Arthur Mullard
Humphrey's are back with Sid James

All originally from TV ARK

More great Humphrey stuff on Stuff We Love

Some pictures of Unigate milk bottles:-
Watch out! Watch out! There’s a Humphrey about
They’re Back - Blooming Humphreys!
Oh No! The Humphreys Are Back
these were on sale on ebay.... but I didn't fancy the postage costs from the USA... so these are the best pics that I have.... how did they get there in the first place? Egad they get about those Humphreys.....
Humphrey Apron and a big thank you to Liz in Swansea who found this excellent humphrey apron in a charity shop.... you never know what else might be out there
and here is a shot of a tea towel, a super-rare games book and some mugs as bagged by the Eponymous Richie Humphrey (I wonder what got him interested in the phenomenon??) - thanks very much Richie
Humphrey Mug Humphrey Mug
Humphrey Teatowel
Humphrey Mug Humphrey Mug Humphrey Gamesbook
OK, so if anyone has any other Humphrey bits and pieces and would like to see them here, then e-mail me on:-

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