Arnos Vale

Arnos Vale sign

Arnos Vale sign

Arnos Vale Plantation lies on the northwest side of Tobago. Founded after British rule was established on Tobago in 1763, it took over land inhabited by Caribs, who had arrived on Tobago from nearby Latin America. Like most other sugar plantations on Tobago, it experienced decline following the abolition of the slavery in the 1830s, but continued until the London firm which controlled the finances of the plantations went bankrupt in 1884. At that point, many British planters abandoned their sugar estates, leaving them to the 'local' population of former slaves and indentured workers. Sugar production on Tobago finally ceased following a severe hurricane in 1963, and Arnos Vale soon reverted to natural rainforest.



Arnos Vale sign
Entrance to Arnos Vale Waterwheel Park
Arnos Vale Museum

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