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Building Research Establishment

- established by government in 1923, it developed to become the UKs leading centre for research on all aspects of building, located at three centres at Garston near Watford, Cardington near Bradford and East Kilbride in Scotland. The BRE was purchased from the government in 1997 by the Foundation for the Built Environment, a non profit distributing company. The BREs expertise is available to all associated with the construction industry from individuals to corporations. English Heritage and Historic Scotland are among its clients. As part of the restructuring following privatisation, the Centre for Heritage Buildings was established, which researches and advises on all matters of repair, maintainance and preservation of historic buildings, and often works closely with the Centre for Renovation and Refurbishment when questions relating to change of use arise. BRE Digests are leaflets published by the BRE which provide reviews on subjects relating to the building industry such as materials, repair and structures. An index is issued annually.