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Burra Charter

- adopted by Australia ICOMOS in August 1979 at Burra Burra. An interesting document for a number of reasons. like all of the charters, it embraced the basic principles of the Venice Charter, but also succeeded in very clearly defining a number of terms and concepts which until then had remained somewhat ambiguous. It made particular reference to the term "Cultural Heritage" which had not appeared prior to the Burra Charter, possibly because this appears to be the first charter adopted outside Europe, and cultural differences of indigenous peoples were an issue. Australia ICOMOS commissioned Peter Marquis - Kyle and Merigith Walker to produce "The Illustrated Burra Charter" to explain the principles, processes and practice it contains. A very worthwhile initiative and the only one to date. While on the one hand it can be viewed as being a bit "biblical" ie gives you an excuse for doing most things, whether right or wrong, it is a very worthwhile initiative and the only one to date. Now adopted by National Trust for Scotland.

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