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- upright structural member, usually circular in section, and including the complete length ie base, shaft, capital and abacus. Intercolumniation is basically a system of spacing between columns - Eustyle, (from Greek, stulos, a column) the most common is 2.25 diameters between columns. An engaged column is a column where a part is in contact with a wall. A clustered column is a column composed of several shafts.
An anta is a pilaster with a different base and capital from the order used elsewhere on the building. They are usually placed at the ends of a row of columns which are then said to be "in antis". Columns are usually fluted ie have concave grooves running the length of the shaft. Flutings which are partially filled by half round cigar-like mouldings are referred to as cabled flutings. Reeding, where the grooves are convex, is less common
Also see Classical Architecture.