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Ecclesiastical exemption

- an exemption from the provisions of The Ancient Monuments Act 1913 secured by the Church of England by reviving the churches system of Facility Jurisdiction, which it is claimed, offered adequate safeguards against destruction. This does not prevent buildings being listed, but means that the normal listed building consent procedures do not apply while the church remains in use. This quickly became controversial, mainly because it extended to all denominations, few of whom had any system for protecting their buildings. The Eccliastical Exemption Order took effect in October 1994, and removed the right of excemption from any ecclesiastical body which could not regulate itself in accordance with a code of practice set out in Planning Policy Guidance Note 15. No parallel order exists in Scotland.
Note - Because of ecclesiastical exemption grant for churches in use was not available fron central government, the situation changed in 1977 and now over 120 million has been given to churches nationally. The problem is still enormous and a special lottery initiative is expected soon. (Dec 1977)