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(Dutch, Nepus, Tympan) Gable, Gablet, Gable Springer

- the vertical part of the end wall of a building contained within the roof slope, usually triangular but can be any "roof" shape eg mansard; can also be non-functional ie sitting on a wallhead for effect.

Can also be elaborate, Dutch gable is a term used to describe any gable which is curved although it properly refers to a gable which has curved sides and a carved pediment at the top.

A nepus gable (Scottish) is a small wallhead gable on the front of a building surmounted by a chimney, and often containing a window. Sometimes referred to as a Timpan gable.

The gable wall is the area below the roof shape.

A gablet is a small gable used as a decorative feature. A gable springer is the same thing as a skew putt. The stone at the apex is usually referred to as the saddle stone.