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Listed building

- a building included on a list of buildings of architectural or historic interest, compiled by the secretary of state. Listing covers any structure or erection or any part of a building, or any building or structure falling within the curtilage of a listed building and dating prior to 1948. Listed buildings are divided into three categories, A, B and C(s), (1 11* 11 in England). Any building of merit can be listed, buildings erected before 1840 which have retained their character will usually be included, as will, good planned streets, villages etc, the works of famous designers, buildings associated with famous people or events, good examples of buildings with a social or industrial history, buildings exhibiting important regional characteristics, and/or technical innovation. The descriptive list not only lists addresses, but describes the buildings in detail on an elevation by elevation basis, and where reasonable also covers interiors. see B-DAMP FISHES

In England the descriptive lists arrive in green folders and are known as "greenbacks". In Scotland the descriptive lists arrive in blue folders, thankfully the same logic has not been applied.

The selection of buildings for inclusion on the list is a matter for the respective Secretarys of State, although local authorities can make suggestions and have the power to serve Building Preservation Notices. There is no formal right of appeal against listing. The listing of modern buildings has proved somewhat controversial and for the first time has introduced consultation procedures into the listing process.

What listing means
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