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Bungle Bungles in the Wet

The Bungle Bungle in the Wet - Insects

first the eggs hatch into the itsey hatchlings who grow bigger and bigger and bigger

Caterpillars on Turkey Bush

Damselfly with prey delicious.... delicious.... burp - excuse me...

Damselfly chowdown

Day flying moth Day flying moth Day flying moth Day flying moth

Day flying moth

bee bee

Bottoms up bees



Native bee Native bee

Native bee showing pollen baskets and ocelli

two tailed bug two tailed bug

two tailed bug

assasin bugs assasin bugs

assasin bugs... and I'm humming je t'aime again....

Ant mimic

Assasin in ant's clothing... this is an assasin bug, disguised as an ant

shield bugs

shield bugs

Bee in flower Bee in flower - coming right at ya!

This little bee was covered in pollen

Processing caterpillars Processing caterpillars

Those processing caterpillars



Blue Butterflies drinking Blue Butterfly drinking Blue Butterflies drinking

Blue Butterflies drinking, probably taking minerals from the rock too

Butterflies feeding Butterflies feeding

Butterfly enjoying the mineral benefits from a water monitor dropping - yum!

ants harvesting honeydew ants harvesting honeydew

ants harvesting honeydew from bugs on Graceful Cassia Senna venusta (thanks Rob)

Beetle Beetle


Case Moth Case Moth Case Moth

who is this little sandy fellow? .... the younger version of a sandy Case Moth.... and here's a different kind

Butterfly drinking

Butterfly availing itself of the (Platy bite valve) facilities

Termite Mound

ghost termites.... high on the cliff for ventilation, yet still connected by the termite highway to the ground

Dragonfly ovipositing Dragonfly ovipositing Dragonfly ovipositing

Dragonfly ovipositing - in this case she uses her abdomen to slit a hole in the reed under the water and lay the egg in the slit

Dragonfies Dragonfies


one step closer monkey....

Well armed dermapteran

current overall picture count 49

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