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Bungle Bungles in the Wet

The Bungle Bungle in the Wet - Other People's pix

before the off - dividing up the meals Cathedral Gorge walking Black Pool falls before rain Black Pool falls after rain Black Pool falls after rain
sleeping beatuites, or maybe snoring shiela's final camp - looks a bit cushy! final camp - looks a bit cushy! tootsies - took a bit of a bashing ants milking honeydew

Rob's pictures (above)

big smile Les!

Little Dave's pictures (above)

Blackrock falls creeek crossing face to face check this out those furry caterpillars

Big Don's pictures (above)

dusk braw bricht moonlicht nicht water baby the legendary KT26's camera in action here comes big dave nice cup o' tea intrepid traveller there goes big don rob and friend camera in action gorgeous do you see the beast? the many shapes of dave toot toot tootsies yowie! the iconic dunlop volley distant dave
nice stick time for a dip bungles mate bungles mate gorgeous

Les's pictures (above)

thanks to one and all.... keep 'em coming folks!

current overall picture count 40 (not included in the site total)

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