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Karijini 2009

Karijini Arthropoda

Getting to the point that this page will probably need to be split into smaller categories, bear with the loading time for now thanks


Caterpillar Caterpillar Caterpillar

Clearly I was in love with this little caterpillar. It's defences work on various levels. I nearly didn't notice it on the rocks as I passed as looped and still it does a good impression of some bird droppings. Hovever, once roused and moving (it was pretty nippy) it has some excellent 'startle' patterns - the 'eyes' on it are on the loop that pops up as it moves adding to it's effect. And lastly, it is wearing a black velvet wizard's coat with stars on... so probably has other powers....

Australasian Lesser Wanderer Australasian Lesser Wanderer Australasian Lesser Wanderer

Australasian Lesser Wanderer Danaus petilia

Butterfly drinking nectar Butterfly taking a drink on a raft of riverweed Butterfly Butterfly drinking nectar Butterfly drinking nectar


Weevil Jewel Beetle Elytra


Hovering fly Hovering fly Hovering fly

Repeatedly hovering over one spot and landing - on the right is what this fly looked like at rest


Bug Nymphs Assasin Bug Assasin Bug More Shadows


Dragonflies laying eggs Dragonflies laying eggs Dragonflies laying eggs Dragonflies laying eggs

In the dragonfly world just impregnating a female is not necessarily the end of the story for a male dragonfly. Some species males have appendages that allow them to remove rival sperm from a female (and then they replace it with their own). So to ensure that this doesn't happen the male will keep latched on to the females neck after mating to guard her during the egg laying process.
Some lay on the wing - flicking the eggs into the water (and try to avoid hungry fish and the like). Some will cut a slit in waterplant stems, often below the surface, and lay in the slit to protect the eggs.

Dragonfly Dragonfly Dragonfly Dragonfly


Cricket Cricket Cricket This little piggy... Cricket Crickets

...and the crickets.

Katydid Katydid Katydid Katydid

Katydid, oh yes she did....

Grasshopper in the thorns Grasshopper Grasshopper Grasshoppers, fuzz factor ten Grasshopper Red Grasshopper
Camoflaged Orthopteran Camoflaged Orthopteran

Excellent leaf camoflage here, look at that profile, dang it's handsome!!!


or Mantodea as all these are Mantids. I'm trying to get a definitive superorder/order/suborder definition for these.

Super Camo Mantid Face off Mantid Up Close Praying Mantis Praying Mantis Praying Mantis Praying Mantis Praying Mantis Praying Mantis Praying Mantis Young Mantid

The rest

Owlfly larva Owlfly larva Owlfly larva

This rather fierce looking little fellow is, I believe, an Owlfly larva, family Ascalaphidae of the Order Neuroptera. It's definately a Neuropteran larva, predatory, and this was one hiding in paperbark, you can see how flat it is. Great jaws, and the eyes have a curious knobbled appearence. Fabulous!

Stick Insect Thysanuran, silverfish or bristletail Inside the termite mound

Eight legs

Spider Twiggy spider Mighty well camouflaged spider Spider Flower/crab Spider Flower/crab Spider You left the door open

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