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Karijini 2009

Karijini Botanical

Sundew Sundew Sundew
A sea of blossoming trees Blossoming tree A blossoming tree Blossoming tree
Harlequin mistletoe Harlequin mistletoe

Harlequin mistletoe

Treebark Treebark Treebark Bullrush Seeds Bullrush View Flower Flower Gorge Flower Gorge Flower Gorge Flower Gorge Flower Gorge Flower
Softer than Andrex, scented and medicated too

Softer than Andrex, scented and medicated too

Pink flowers Pink flowers Pink flower Yellow flower Yellow flower
Spinifex, Triodia

Spinifex grass ring. This is showing a similar pattern that heathers in their mature and degenerate phase of the life cycle display. As the nutrients at the centre of the plant are exhausted the plant grows out in a ring pattern. Scottish heather/grouse moors are burnt in a patchwork fashion to regenerate the heather but still provide a habitat for the grouse. Sound familiar?

White flower Red flower Mulla Mulla - Ptilotus sp. Mulla Mulla - Ptilotus sp.

Some more plants on the route over the top between the gorges

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