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Karijini 2009

Karijini - Folk


The Sunbaker At the top Reflections Hippo on the water Hippo in Paradise Close Encounter Reflection pool, ready for a quick dip Nice view from up here Petunia

See what Rob is contemplating....


Cascade Campsite Cascade Campsite Yet another idylic campsite Yet another idylic campsite Campsite Dawn Campsite


Put the Billy on Russell Interesting company Camplife Grub up Grub up After Dark After Dark Firelight Billy sing Campsite Breakfast


How many folk can you fit in that tent?

How many folk can you fit in that tent?

Descending into the Mineral Pool Gorge

Descending into the Mineral Pool Gorge

Now where are we? Willis Walks on Water Long Grassers Onwards Onwards Onwards About to descend into the mineral gorge Descent into the mineral gorge Stepping out on a daywalk Nearly beaned with a flying rucksack... Through the bullrushes Reflections

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