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King George Falls just after the tropical low - click me for the big version

Kimberley Coast Explorer March-April 2011

Tracey's Home for 6 weeks

G'Day well it has to start somewhere.... six weeks with a camera missing a rather vital part... let photography for the partially sighted begin.

Un-named twin falls - the next day, sunnier, but less water King George Falls in flood - after the Tropical Low King George Falls before the tropical low Where 3 creeks meet on the Berkely river

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Quick rant
For you Internet Explorer version... whatever... people out there - if you click on the wide panorama thumbnails and don't get a screen-depth panorama to scroll along (ie it automatically resizes the whole thing to fit in the window.... (thanks very much Microsoft... if I wanted it window size I would have sized it myself and saved the download times) then there are two things you can do.

1. Click on the thumbnail then point at the resulting fit-in-window version until Resize button, the resize button appears in the right bottom corner of the picture - click on it and enjoy the panorama as intended. Or these days I think you get a soppy little magnifying glass symbol - try that too......
2. Go to your settings for your Browser (may vary slightly form version to version) - Tools -> Internet Options... -> Advanced tab -> Scroll down to "Multimedia" and untick the "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" option -> Click OK. Enjoy the whole site and the rest of the planet's sites as the creators intended, as opposed to how Microsoft think you want to see it.... not that I've got a social hymenopteran in my bonnet about this.... ahem.
... um yes, and newer versions of Netscape.... click on the resized panoramas with the little magnifying-glass icon to see the full size one.... apparently....

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