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The FL-40 arrived.... I added the MCON35 and Nikon 6T Macro lenses.... pottered outside and this was the first picture I took (followed, I hasten to add by 20 unuseable shots)... not perfect, but not bad for a first try

Fly sipping nectar, Rhamphomyia sp. Fly sipping nectar, Rhamphomyia sp.
Rhamphomyia sp.

Fly Fly

Volucella pellucens Volucella pellucens
Volucella pellucens

Field of Peacocks Field of Peacocks

Catterpillar Catterpillar

Bluebottle, Calliphora sp. Bluebottle, Calliphora sp.

Ichneumonid Ichneumonids

Possibly Tachina fera Possibly Tachina fera Fly Fly

Bumbly bee Bumbly bee Bumbly bee


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