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Shoot it - The Olympus Archive

This is the archive site of Olympus pictures. Newer stuff from the Canon(s) are here or on any areas added after 2005 below.

Basic philosophy of the Shoot it site - keep it natural. There are no studio shots here.... no sneaky light boxes....
Although the majority are out in the wild some beasts are in Zoological Gardens or Wildlife Preserves, and occasionally participants are on the payroll... ie they get fed.

Pictures on this site have been taken using Olympus E-10, E-20P and E-100RS digital cameras, some newer with the Canon 20D (from May 2005) - but not many of these up yet....
They have been resized for onscreen use - high resolution images are also available on request for most of the shots.

The mammals have been split into UK and others and now there is a page for the seals..... tho' the others may have been taken in the UK the beasts don't reside here naturally.... and the birds are split into older and newer photos.... the insects have been split into more manageable sections

....check out The Flight of the Bumblebee, some fast action madness... the MYSTERY OF THE SWOLLEN SERPHIDS and First E20 pictures including mighty spiderwars... Don't Believe Page... some bird skirmishes
and very latest additions, Some shots from the Edinburgh Tattoo 2004
and some from the Edinburgh Tattoo 2005
and also from the Edinburgh Tattoo 2006

The Panoramas have had the Dundee and area panoramas moved to their own page...

YES YES YES - pictures from down under!
Karijini April 2009
Bungles in the Wet 2008
Australia 2006-7 Winterval
especially... Kakadu New Year
Also see:-
Wickerman 2007
Spitsbergen Voyage 2002
Belize and Guatemala 2004
still working on this one
Malta Easter 2004

current picture count 820

Last Modified Monday October 19 2009
All images Copyright T.Dixon unless indicated otherwise
Please acknowledge and inform me if pictures are used or linked to...
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